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A second server's IP can be set for dual IPv4/IPv6 server if WAN IPv6 are set
Accept IPv6 RA
Bridge can't have multipath enabled
Can\'t contact Server Admin Script
Can\'t get public IP address from ShadowSocks
Can\'t get public IP address from V2Ray
Choose MacVLAN if you want to create a virtual interface based on a physical interface.
DNS issue: can\'t resolve hostname
Disable default gateway, no internet if VPS are down
Disable multipath test using tracebox
Disable nDPI, used for protocols in OMR-ByPass
Enable Bridge Acceleration
Enable Fast Patch offloading for connections
Enable debug logs
Filesystem is readonly
For China, set an accessible DNS and disable DNSSEC.
Grant UCI access for luci-app-openmptcprouter
How often TCP sends out keepalive messages when keepalive is enabled.