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A second server's IP can be set for dual IPv4/IPv6 server if WAN IPv6 are set
Accept IPv6 RA
Add a new server Ajustar un servidor
Bridge can't have multipath enabled
By default proxy is used for any traffic that is TCP (and UDP for V2Ray). Per defaut lo VPN es utilizat pel trafic qu’es pas TCP.
Can\'t contact Server Admin Script
Can\'t get public IP address from ShadowSocks
Can\'t get public IP address from V2Ray
Choose MacVLAN if you want to create a virtual interface based on a physical interface.
Country settings Totes los paramètres del router
DNS issue: can\'t resolve hostname
Default Proxy VPN per defaut
Disable HTTP test on Server API in status page Desactivar la pròva ping cap al servidor
Disable ModemManager ModemManager
Disable default gateway Desactivar lo ping cap a la palanca
Disable default gateway, no internet if VPS are down
Disable gateway ping check in status page Desactiva la pròva ping de la palanca
Disable interfaces auto rename Desactivar las pròvas extèrnas