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Always ping gateway, then test connection by ping, httping or dns. None mode only ping gateway. Totjorn enviar un ping a la palanca puèi la connexion via ping o DNS. Lo mòde "none" ping sonque la palanca.
Check if connection work with http by sending a request to server
Defaults Settings Paramètres per defaut
Detect if Proxy is down and stop traffic redirection over it.
Detect if Server is down and use defined backup server in this case.
Grant UCI access for luci-app-omr-tracker
Hosts Òstes
Hosts IPv6
IPs or domains must be available over http
Mail alert
Must be IPs and not domains
OMR-Tracker OMR-Tracker
OMR-Tracker create needed routes and detect when a connection is down or up OMR-Tracker detècta quand una connexion fonciona pas mai
Proxy tracker Settings
Restart if down
Restart interface if detected as down