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802.11w Management Frame Protection
802.11w maximum timeout
802.11w retry timeout
<abbr title="Basic Service Set Identifier">BSSID</abbr>
<abbr title="Domain Name System">DNS</abbr> query port
<abbr title="Domain Name System">DNS</abbr> server port
<abbr title="Domain Name System">DNS</abbr> servers will be queried in the order of the resolvfile
<abbr title="Extended Service Set Identifier">ESSID</abbr>
<abbr title="Internet Protocol Version 4">IPv4</abbr>-Address
<abbr title="Internet Protocol Version 4">IPv4</abbr>-Gateway
<abbr title="Internet Protocol Version 4">IPv4</abbr>-Netmask
<abbr title="Internet Protocol Version 6">IPv6</abbr>-Address or Network (CIDR)
<abbr title="Internet Protocol Version 6">IPv6</abbr>-Gateway
<abbr title="Internet Protocol Version 6">IPv6</abbr>-Suffix (hex)
<abbr title="Light Emitting Diode">LED</abbr> Configuration
<abbr title="Light Emitting Diode">LED</abbr> Name
<abbr title="Media Access Control">MAC</abbr>-Address
<abbr title="The DHCP Unique Identifier">DUID</abbr>
<abbr title="maximal">Max.</abbr> <abbr title="Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol">DHCP</abbr> leases
<abbr title="maximal">Max.</abbr> <abbr title="Extension Mechanisms for Domain Name System">EDNS0</abbr> packet size