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<abbr title="maximal">Max.</abbr> <abbr title="Extension Mechanisms for Domain Name System">EDNS0</abbr> packet size
<abbr title="maximal">Max.</abbr> concurrent queries
<br/>Note: you need to manually restart the cron service if the crontab file was empty before editing.
A directory with the same name already exists.
A new login is required since the authentication session expired.
A43C + J43 + A43
A43C + J43 + A43 + V43
ANSI T1.413
ARP IP Targets
ARP Interval
ARP Validation
ARP mode to consider a slave as being up
ARP monitoring is not supported for the selected policy!
ARP retry threshold
ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)
ATM Bridges
ATM Virtual Channel Identifier (VCI)
ATM Virtual Path Identifier (VPI)
ATM bridges expose encapsulated ethernet in AAL5 connections as virtual Linux network interfaces which can be used in conjunction with DHCP or PPP to dial into the provider network.
ATM device number